GOP Sen. Rob Portman: I Take Trump ‘At His Word’ That He Misspoke Yesterday


President Donald Trump insisted today that he misspoke and said “would” instead of “wouldn’t” regarding Russian meddling. One Republican senator has already said publicly he’ll take POTUS at his word that it was a misstatement.

Neil Cavuto––who wasn’t happy with the President’s remarks yesterday––spoke today with Ohio Senator Rob Portman, one of the many Republicans who weren’t happy with the President’s remarks throwing his own intel agencies under the bus:

He told Cavuto that of course Russia interfered in the U.S. election and the Senate has been taking action.

Cavuto brought up Trump’s remarks yesterday and then asked, “Do you believe him when he says he misspoke.”

“I’m glad he clarified his comments today,” Portman responded. “I didn’t see it live, but I understand he clarified his comments. And, you know, of course I wish he said it in front of President Putin and the world yesterday, but yeah, I take him at his word if he says he misspoke, absolutely. But the point is we need to be as one here, pushing back.”

Cavuto ended the interview by saying, “So just to be clear, on the record here, the President––he says he misspoke. A lot of people said he just saw the reaction and decided to pivot, whatever. What do you think?”

Portman said, “You know, I’d let the White House answer that question, but I take him at his word and glad he was willing to clarify.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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