GOP Sen. Says Cohen Wouldn’t Know Truth If It ‘Bit Him in the Ass’: Why Would Trump Associate Himself With Him?

Senator John Kennedy (R-LA) tore into President Donald Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen on CNN tonight, stating he wouldn’t know truth if it “bit him in the ass” and asking why the president trusted “this guy.”

Kennedy, who came on to discuss wall funding and the Russia probe, attacked Cohen while suggesting that special counsel Robert Mueller shouldn’t trust him as evidence to prosecute others caught in the investigation.

“If I’m being honest, I think he is an idiot, I think that he’s a grifter,” Kennedy said to Erin Burnett. “I don’t think Mr. Cohen would know the truth if it jumped up, yodeled, and bit him in the ass, I don’t know why the president would ever associate himself with this guy.”

He continued by saying Mueller is “too smart as a prosecutor to prosecute the president, if his main evidence is Mr. Cohen.”

“The main issue, I think, for most Americans is, did President Trump illegally collude with a foreign agent in violation of American law to try to influence the election?” The lawmaker asked. “Now, so far, I’ve seen no evidence of that.”

The segment concluded with Kennedy worrying that Mueller will complete his report “and then not make it public” or not issue one at all.

“If that happens, I’m going to raise all matter of hell,” he added. “I will oppose that with the power I have for what it’s worth.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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