Gov. John Kasich: Trump ‘Does Bear Responsibility For The Divisions’ That Lead to the Bomb Scares


On Wednesday night, Governor John Kasich (R-OH) appeared on MSNBC and weighed in on the marathon of bomb scares that took place across the country.

Brian Williams began the interview by asking the “obvious question” regarding President Donald Trump.

“Does the president bear some responsibility- obviously not for the bomb making or the recipients, but does he bear responsibility for the tone that allowed it?” Williams posed.

“Sure, sure he does.  It’s part of the reason I never endorsed him and I’ve never been personally critical of him. But yeah, he does bear responsibility for the divisions,” Kasich said. “He has the biggest megaphones. But I think, Brian, you and I have been observers and participants in this business for a long time. When we see Hillary Clinton say, and I said this not long ago in the media, that when she said “When they go low we need to go low” or Eric Holder, when you go low we need to go low, everybody needs to knock it off. But obviously the guy with the biggest megaphone is the one that really has to be careful.”

Kasich was “pleased” to hear some conciliatory rhetoric from Trump at his rally in Mosinee, WI.

“We don’t need to salvage ourselves,” Kasich continued. “We’re not in a zero sum game where I win and you lose and I then have to devastate you because you’re my opponent or call a bad person. We can have a great lively political discussion, political debate, and we don’t have to separate and polarize in anger. It leads to crazy things.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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