Hannity And Guest Tear Apart ‘Radical Kook’ Joe Scarborough: ‘Please Never Call Yourself A Conservative Again’

Hannity And Guest Tear Apart 'Radical Kook' Joe Scarborough...

Joe Scarborough may co-host a morning show on MSNBC, but make no mistake, he still considers himself a Republican. But other conservatives aren’t buying it, and tonight Sean Hannity tore into Scarborough for still trying to paint himself as still some big conservative who just has a lot of issues with the current incarnation of the GOP. Brent Bozell agreed, telling Scarborough he should stop calling himself a conservative.

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Hannity mocked Scarborough for thinking he “speaks on behalf of all conservatives,” admitting that while he used to be friends with the former Republican congressman, he’s been over-the-top lately in his criticism of the NRA and the GOP. Bozell called Scarborough a “radical kook” for blaming the NRA for helping gun manufacturers profit off the mass slaughter of innocents.

Hannity also called out Scarborough for flip-flopping on guns, since he was very pro-Second Amendment as a congressman, and while Scarborough said that his thinking changed after Newtown, Hannity suspected that “he wants to be loved by the establishment.”

Bozell implored Scarborough to “please never call yourself a conservative again,” and told Hannity he is “so jealous of you” and other conservative pundits who have enjoyed much more success than he has.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:


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