Hannity Fires Back At ‘Gutless Little Coward’ Ryan Adams Over Twitter War: ‘Say It To My Face!’

Sean Hannity tonight responded to singer Ryan Adams over Adams’ Twitter snipes at Hannity and his refusal to come on Hannity’s show and explain himself. Hannity noted that Adams’ initial tweet was taken down, asking “Why the urge to quickly recall the tweet, sir?” He called Adams a “gutless little coward” and challenged him again to make the same charges face-to-face.

Tamara Holder pushed back a little, telling Hannity he was “changing the subject” from his initial point on Twitter about role models and entertainers “who have a right to speak their minds.” Miss Oklahoma Anna-Marie Costello said Twitter allows anyone to say anything without any accountability, claiming Adams “has no sense of integrity.” Holder shot back, “Why? Because he called Sean Hannity out on Twitter?”

Hannity also brought up a video of black students beating up a white kid and wondered why civil rights leaders aren’t speaking out. Holder sighed and insisted to an outraged Hannity and Costello that “this isn’t a racial thing,” despite their cries of “selective moral outrage.”

Watch the video below, via Fox News:


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