Hannity Goes Off on DOJ/FBI: People Must Be Investigated, Indicted, and Probably ‘Thrown in Jail!’


Sean Hannity concluded yet another fiery monologue on corruption at the FBI and DOJ by saying that high-ranking people should probably be “thrown in jail.”

Hannity talked about the FISA memo Republicans have been decrying––encouraging viewers to call their representatives and tell them to release it––as well as the new texts from Peter Strzok and Lisa Page that were released.

As for the missing texts, Hannity said he suspects some “obstruction of justice” going on, recalling Hillary Clinton‘s emails and saying that “top-ranking Obama administration officials in the Department of Justice, in the FBI––not rank-and-file, the top people––protected Hillary Clinton from prosecution.”

He reviewed the timeline going all the way back to the infamous Bill ClintonLoretta Lynch tarmac meeting, before concluding with this:

“Let me tie it together. Hillary Clinton rigged the primary. If you’re a Bernie Sanders supporter, you should be pissed. Why you’re not, I don’t know. Even though there is incontrovertible evidence that she broke the law, James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, Loretta lynch all put the fix in and allowed her to stay in this presidential race. They ignore the rule of law, the Constitution, and Clinton and the DNC that she control then spend over $12 million to influence the election with a bought-and-paid-for dossier full of Russian lies and propaganda that was shipped off to the compliant media. The Obama administration weaponize the powerful tools of intelligence that we need to keep our country safe, but in this case, they used it to target members of the Trump campaign. This, so you understand, is so much bigger than Watergate. It’s about our Constitution, about the rule of law. It is been shredded. All because powerful people at the highest level in the DOJ and the FBI thought they knew better than you as to who should be president. There needs to be serious ramifications if we are going to save our country in all of this. People must be held accountable, they must be investigated, they must be indicted, and probably many of them thrown in jail.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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