Hannity Goes Off Over FBI’s Cohen Raid: Mueller Has ‘Declared War’ on Trump


Sean Hannity reacted to the FBI’s raid on Michael Cohen by declaring that Robert Mueller‘s investigation has gone out of control and has to end.

According to reports on the raid, Mueller found information on Cohen’s dealings with Stormy Daniels over the course of the Russia investigation, which the special counsel gave to New York federal prosecutors and the Trump-appointed U.S. district attorney. This was the basis for the warrant federal agents had when they investigated Cohen’s office and seized various documents related to the porn star’s hush money arrangement.

Trump responded to the raid by calling it a national “disgrace” and asking why legal action isn’t being taken to investigate his other political enemies. Of course, since Hannity slams Hillary Clinton on a regular basis, Trump’s comments gave the Fox host a prime opportunity to bemoan the “massive double standard” of the justice system.

After his slams against Clinton, Hannity got back on track and declared that Mueller’s “corrupt” investigation has gone beyond its mandate and is “now spiraling out of control.”

“Mueller has ostensibly tonight declared war against the President of the United States,” Hannity said. “Clearly his objective is to remove [Trump] from office.”

Hannity also followed up on Trump’s latest Jeff Sessions criticisms by laying the blame for Mueller on Rod Rosenstein. Hannity suggested that “impeaching” the deputy attorney general might be a good idea after everything that has happened under his watch.

Earlier today, Hannity offered similar criticisms of Mueller on his radio show, saying there’s “no limit at all” to the special counsel investigation.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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