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Hannity Goes Off Over Memo, Calls on Multiple FBI, DOJ Officials to Be Fired and/or Investigated

On Friday night, Sean Hannity was fired up over the top secret memo that has been circulating on Capitol Hill that may shed light on the ongoing Russia investigation.

Yesterday, #ReleaseTheMemo dominated Twitter in hopes of transparency that reportedly involves the abuse of power by the DOJ when obtaining the FISA warrant that sparked the Russia investigation.

Ahead of the memo’s release, Hannity warned that we will “lose our constitutional republic” if we don’t get to the bottom of the “weaponizing of the tools of intelligence against an opposition party during an election year.”

“I know this is a lot to absorb, but there are so many questions,” Hannity said. “We need to know who knew what when and where.”

The Fox News host then began listing several individuals involved with the Russia investigation who have been caught up in controversy in weeks.

Andrew McCabe, if you’re watching, you need to be fired and you need to be investigated. And by the way, so does the Trump-hating FBI agent Peter Strzok– fired and investigated. His FBI lawyer mistress- fired and investigated. Lisa Page, gone!” Hannity continued.   “Demoted DOJ official Bruch Ohr, who met with Fusion GPS before and after- removed, fired, and investigated. James Comey, who we know rigged, in other words, gave the exoneration before investigation. We learned today is reportedly going to teach an ethical leadership class at William and Mary- you’ve got to be kidding! Anyway, he needs to be investigated! And he may want to hire a lawyer instead. Maybe an ethical one at that. Rob Rosenstein, you need to explain your role in all of this and specifically in you were involved in extending this FISA warrant. And frankly, Rod Rosenstein needs to be fired.”

He then had some choice words for Special Counsel Robert Mueller.

“His corrupt and biased investigation needs to be shutdown once and for all,” Hannity declared. “It was predicated on lies from the beginning. The country has suffered enough. And it has been unfair, inaccurate, untrue, and extremely and extraordinarily and abusively biased in their tactics and their hiring of people with questionable ethics who in the past have withheld exculpatory evidence, were overturned 9-0 in the Supreme Court, people went to jail and that was overturned in the 5th Circuit Court of Appeal. And you only hired people that donated to Barack Obama, Hillary [Clinton], and of course the DNC.”

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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