Hannity Rips ‘Spineless, Gutless’ GOP on Obamacare Repeal: Stop Making Excuses and ‘Keep Your Word’


On Monday night, Sean Hannity slammed the Republican Party for last week’s “epic failure” in the Senate that halted health care reform.

The Fox News host noted how President Trump has been pressuring congressional Republicans over the weekend.

“Republicans appear now to be throwing in the towel on repealing Obamacare,” Hannity said. “The president––he is 100% committed to hold their feet to the fire and so are we on this show.”

He blamed Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) for “joining obstructionist Democrats” in killing the Senate health care bill. And then he started attacking Republicans for being “ready to give up.”

“I’m sorry, there’s no excuse,” Hannity continued. “It’s pathetic, inexcusable, and it proves that we now have a Republican Party that is not only spineless and gutless and lacking leadership and unity, what do they stand for? What is their identity? They don’t have one!”

He then lectured Republicans on their “two choices.”

“You can keep your word and start doing your job and passing bills and keeping promises, repeal and replace Obamacare or literally keep making excuses why you can’t implement the president’s agenda and your agenda,” he stated.

He warned Republicans that if they don’t get their act together, they’ll be at risk of losing the House and the Senate in 2018.

“So in case you care, my message to you lazy people in D.C. is to stop the vacations, get to work because when you fail, it’s the American people, the forgotten men and women in this country who end up suffering. You’re supposed to serve them. In case you forgot, you’re public servants,” he concluded.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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