Hannity Then: Mueller Report Exonerates Trump! Hannity Now: Mueller Report ‘Pure Garbage!’


Fox’s Sean Hannity has made a complete turnaround on Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report, going from a full-throated proclamation that Mueller’s report exonerated Trump to now trashing it as “pure political garbage.”

Hannity opened his show on Thursday talking about a report from The Hill’s John Solomon, saying “more evidence emerged that Bob Mueller’s report was nothing but pure political garbage with errors put there purposefully.”

“Everything Mueller said in nine-and-a-half [minutes at a May news conference] was fake, it was phony … and Attorney General Barr pretty much bailed him out,” Hannity said.

But in his March 26 show, conversely, Hannity criticized the “mainstream media’s” coverage of the Mueller report following its release and argued the report as summarized by Attorney General Bill Barr exonerated Trump completely.

“The truth has been laid bare for all to see: no collusion, no obstruction, no truth to the lies that have been peddled daily,” Hannity said.

“Lo and behold we learn Robert Mueller has found zero evidence of Trump-Russia collusion,” Hannity said, although he went on to criticize the conduct of the investigation itself and how it treated suspects like Michael Flynn.

“President Trump has also been cleared of the issue of obstruction of justice,” Hannity said. “Mueller did not draw a conclusion quote ‘one way or another as to whether the examined conduct constituted obstruction.’ The special counsel did not conclude that the president committed a crime.”

“You can’t obstruct a crime you didn’t commit,” Hannity argued “No charges will be filed. The Mueller media witch hunt is finally over.”

Watch above, via Fox News.

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