‘Have Some Self-Restraint!’ Fox Finally Addresses Boebert’s Gropegate As Contributor Predicts a ‘Difficult Reelection Season’ Ahead


Fox News on Monday evening began coverage of Rep. Lauren Boebert’s (R-CO) lewd behavior in Denver theater last Sunday after a week of headline-grabbing developments that included an eventual apology last Friday.

Fox had initially avoided covering the incident despite Boebert grabbing national headlines throughout the week for her initial denials, the release of additional incriminating video, and the eventual apology. Anchor John Roberts was the first to mention the scandal while guest hosting Bret Baier’s show, while Laura Ingraham and Raymond Arroyo also discussed it later in the evening.

“Well now, Republican Congresswoman Lauren Boebert’s turn,” said Arroyo as he was running through some recent embarrassing political scandals.

“She was caught on camera in compromising positions. She was thrown out of a Denver theater for snapping pictures during a show, vaping on patrons, and getting handsy with her boyfriend,” Arroyo continued, referring to the video of the couple groping each other in the theater.

“To top it off, she gave the usher the middle finger salute as she was ushered out of the theater. Boebert gets kicked out of the Denver theater, you know, but there have been many other politicians who have been caught in similar situations,” Arroyo concluded.

“Raymond, it seems like they get the video out really fast when it’s a Republican, right? There is no hesitation about releasing or dumping video out when it’s some Republican who has done something goofy, stupid, or embarrassing but heaven forbid you have a Democrat doing something, it usually takes forever to get that video out,” shot back Ingraham defending her side.

“Look, I’m an equal opportunity reporter here on this stuff. If we’re going to argue that you need a code of dress and I think you do, you need a code of conduct, too. You are the congresswoman of Colorado, not Meghan the stallion. So, slow your roll. Have some self-restraint. It’s going to be a very difficult re-election season for her, I think,” concluded Arroyo as he moved on to discuss the latest with Drew Barrymore’s talk show.

Watch the full clip above via Fox News.

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