Heated CNN Panel on Kavanaugh Goes Off the Rails: ‘Stop Interrupting Me!’


A CNN panel on the new accusations Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh is facing devolved into a shouting match when former Trump campaign aide Michael Caputo cast doubt on the accusers’ claims.

Host Anderson Cooper started it off by asking Caputo about his assertation that the accusers don’t remember the details of what happened to them.

“I was interested to see Jeffrey’s interview yesterday about Michael Avenatti and his new client, Julie Swetnick, who apparently as a sophomore in college was hanging out with sophomore high school boys who were drugging young girls and standing in line outside of bedrooms at ten different parties and for some reason Miss Swetnick can’t really remember whether she was gang-raped at the first one or the tenth one,” Caputo opined.

He then said this: “And my question to her is, why the heck would you go back to parties where young girls were in a bedroom getting gang raped by teenagers when you’re an adult?”

“Yeah, and why do these women wear these short skirts? Aren’t they just asking for it? Come on, Michael!” CNN’s Jeffrey Toobin snapped back.

“Yeah, ten rape parties, Jeffrey?” Caputo snapped back before claiming before yesterday Avenatti was a “joke.”

That is when CNN’s Kirsten Powers, the only woman on the panel, spoke up.

“I don’t even know. I mean, it’s just this tactic of attacking, you know, a very young woman,” she said. “I don’t — I just don’t understand the thinking behind it except for the fact that for a long time, certainly in the period that these accusations are about, you know, in the 1980s, I went to high school then. This was a time when women just simply were not believed and everybody sounded like Donald Trump and Michael Caputo.”

She continued on: “So if you’re going to ask why women didn’t come forward, Michael, that’s your answer. Just listen to yourself. This is how women got treated––”

Caputo interrupted.

“Stop interrupting me,” Powers shot back.

Then after a bit of back and forth, Caputo snapped, “You don’t call me out like that on national television!”

“I know what was like to be a woman during that time period and you don’t,” Powers replied.

“This is exactly like what people like Michael always did when black people said there was police brutality,”  Powers piled on.

“Enough, Enough!” Caputo shouted, continuing to interrupt.

“Listen, I don’t get invited on here to be called out by you like this. This is inappropriate. All right? Here’s the downside of this. All right? From now on, every mother of sons, every grandmother of grandsons, has to fear for the future of their boys because of people like you who sit here and take uncorroborated testimony, uncorroborated allegations, against a decent man and ruin him because it gets you ratings. Enough of that,” he said, his voice rising to an angry shout.

Powers called Caputo’s response “bonkers” and “literally insane.”

“All you’re making are uncorroborated allegations for ratings. It’s enough!” he shouted back.

Then after more back and forth still angry Caputo then said this: “You people think you’re challenging Donald Trump when you do this and that’s not what’s happening here. Donald Trump is standing up for his appointee. But so is the entire Republican Party. Today’s press conference was Donald Trump’s Ted talk to Republican Senate leaders. Teaching them how to put quarters in a sock because we are not going to take this from you anymore.”

Toobin then brought the segment to a close by saying Caputo was right about one thing, Trump was speaking to Republicans at today’s presser.

“I think that’s totally right,” Toobin said. “I think Donald Trump is right where the Republican Party is on this. And, you know, good luck to them. And I think the country is a lot more sexist and racist than some of us acknowledge, but Michael, you could not be more right. That he was talking to the Republican Party and the Republican Party agrees with him overwhelmingly when he talks about women that way.”

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