Heilemann: Trump is Delusional, Pathological Liar or Political Dingbat After Calling Midterms a ‘Tremendous Victory’


In a recent interview with Fox News’ Chris Wallace, President Donald Trump painted the results of the midterm elections in the most glowing political terms.

Despite a strong performance by Democrats, Trump claimed it as a “tremendous victory” for him and the Republican Party, and in doing so, provided terrific fodder for Morning Joe’s signature presidential ridicule and mockery.

Joe Scarborough opened the segment by pointing out just how wrong was the political assessment made by the Commander in Chief, saying “This was a complete shellacking by trump Republicans and also if you want to even look at the Senate, my God, they had a historic advantage, probably should have picked up five, six, seven seats.”

He added “but while Donald Trump saying this, Chris Wallace isn’t believing it. Really no Republicans on Capitol Hill at this point are believing it ever. They know that this was a devastating loss for trump republicanism. So why does he just keep saying it? Why does he just keep lying?”

John Heilemann then delivered the headline-producing comment offering: “Three possibilities, one, delusional. Two, pathological liar. Three, political dingbat.”

Mika Brzezinski offered a fourth, saying that Trump is “in a corner, angry, deflecting and freaking out about Congress having control over everything that they’re going to have to ask him for and he will finally have to give in a way this will be the only time in his life ever –”

Scarborough then wrapped up the perfect Mediaite post-worthy segment by offering a fifth option: “all of the above.”

The clip above courtesy of MSNBC.

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