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Hillary Clinton Reacts to Assange Arrest: It’s Not ‘Punishing Journalism’, He Must ‘Answer for What He’s Done’

If there is one thing pundits on the left and right have agreed on in the hours after the arrest of Wikileaks founder Julian Assange, it is that Hillary Clinton is someone who lost a lot to his actions, perhaps an entire election. And tonight she had something to say about it.

It’s long been an argument from Democrats and committed Clintonites that Assange, or Assange and James Comey, or some combination of those two plus Russia and the electoral college and Wisconsin, are the real reason Clinton lost to Trump in 2016, and not the candidate herself. In his opening monologue about Assange on Thursday, Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson also said that Assange “humiliated” Clinton. Carlson said the real reason the media bash Assange isn’t national security but his “preventing Hillary Clinton from becoming president.”

Bill and Hillary Clinton on Thursday night were at the first stop in their new speaking tour, and she spoke about Assange.

“I think it’s clear from the indictment that it’s not about punishing journalism,” said Clinton. “It’s about assisting the hacking of the military computer to steal information from the United States government.”

“I’ll wait and see what happens with the charges and how it proceeds,” she said. She pointed out that he has skipped bail in the past.

“The bottom line is that he has to answer for what he has done,” she said. “At least as it has been charged.”

Clinton jokingly added that “I do think it’s a little ironic that he may be the only foreigner that this administration would welcome to the United States.”

That welcome included Assange being dragged out of the Ecuadorian embassy like an old rug and placed under arrest, to be brought to the United States as a prisoner.

Watch the clip above, via Fox News Channel.

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