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Utah Nurse Arrested in Disturbing Video Speaks Out: ‘I Was Scared to Death’

FBI Arrests U.S. Soldier in Hawaii on Terrorism Charges For Alleged Connections to ISIS

Shia LaBeouf Arrested in Georgia for Public Drunkenness, Disorderly Conduct

Man Arrested for Making Threats Against GOP Senator Joni Ernst

Istanbul New Year’s Eve Nightclub Attacker Has Reportedly Been Captured

Florida Man Arrested Over Threatening Anti-Trump Facebook Posts

German Soccer Goalie is Arrested for Allowing 43 Goals in One Game

VICE News Reporter Arrested Outside Trump Campaign Event in Texas

BREAKING: Chris Brown Has Been Arrested for Assault with Deadly Weapon

Former Fox Correspondent Arrested in Virginia, Charged With Rape

Black Lives Matter Protester Was Arrested on Camera During TV Interview

Three Arrested in Baton Rouge After Stealing Guns to Allegedly Shoot Cops

WATCH: Al Gore’s Daughter Was Arrested For Protesting Inside Pipeline

Man Arrested at Trump Rally Says He Was Trying to Kill Him

Arizona Reporter Arrested for Public Defecation on Someone’s Lawn

Brother of San Bernardino Shooting Suspect Arrested on Charges of Marriage Fraud

Police Chief Apologizes Over 10 Elementary School Students Being Arrested, Handcuffed

Newtown Teacher Arrested for Bringing Gun to Middle School

The White House Issues Comment on Petition Calling for Trump’s Arrest

6 Detained Near Brussels in Connection with Terrorist Attacks

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