Hillary Clinton Surrogate Says Elizabeth Warren Really, Really Not Qualified To Be VP


While many liberal Democrats, along with party leaders like Senate Minority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV), are pushing Senator Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) as a vice-presidential pick who could help Hillary Clinton retain some of the Bernie Sanders wing of the party, prominent loose-lipped Hillary surrogate and former Pennsylvania Governor Ed Rendell may have thrown a monkey wrench into the works by telling local Philadelphia radio host Rich Zeoli that Warren is not qualified to fulfill the most important requirement of a vice president:

I think Elizabeth Warren is a wonderful, bright, passionate person, but with no experience in foreign affairs, and not in any way, shape, or form ready to be commander-in-chief.

Rendell called back into the program a few minutes later to clarify, but didn’t so much undo the damage as say the Barack Obama also wasn’t qualified to be president in 2008:

Elizabeth Warren’s problem would be the same problem I’d have. I mean, let’s assume someone said, consider Gov. Rendell for vice president. I have no experience militarily, no experience in foreign affairs, and would be a difficult choice because if anything happened in week one and I became president, I would be lost. I think Elizabeth Warren, four years from now, would be a great choice to be on the ticket.

Rendell is a close Hillary Clinton confidant, but he’s also one of a raft of Clinton insiders who each have their own dog in the VP fight, so take his insights with a grain of salt. The comparison to Obama, though, is hardly fair, since then-Senator Obama had done tremendous work on committees and legislation related to national security, and ran on a detailed foreign policy platform. Warren has shown no similar interest.

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