Howard Kurtz Slams ‘Vitriol from Anti-Trump Commentators’ Cheering Red Hen for Booting Sarah Sanders


On MediaBuzz today, Fox News’ Howard Kurtz covered the ongoing debate over civility following Sarah Sanders being asked to leave the Red Hen restaurant.

Kurtz said he was “stunned by the vitriol from anti-Trump commentators” defending the Red Hen and slamming the White House press secretary by saying “anything to make life miserable for these people.”

The Washington Examiner‘s Emily Jashinsky said it’s concerning that “you can justify these personal attacks based on a political belief that you think goes beyond the pale.”

Philippe Reines, who worked at the State Department while Hillary Clinton was Sec. of State, told Kurtz that if he had been protested like that, “I wouldn’t appreciate it, but I wouldn’t be surprised by it.”

He argued this isn’t about civility––”if it’s about civility, Donald Trump loses that argument”––it’s about “accountability and normalizing.”

As an example, Reines said, “I was on with Sebastian Gorka and I was uncivil, and it was intentional. It was intentional because I do not think someone like that should be comfortable in his role in what is happening in America. And I was not going to be part of normalizing that.”

Kurtz noted the criticism that Trump himself engages in very uncivil discourse, but added, “It seems to me that then he almost baits people to use the same tactics and that leads to something that I just think is corrosive to society.”

You can watch the clip above, via Fox News.

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