Huckabee Sanders on DACA Decision: ‘It’s Not Coldhearted for the President to Uphold the Law’

During today’s press briefing––mostly focused on the White House’s decision to end DACA––Sarah Huckabee Sanders was asked about whether this decision is “coldhearted.”

Huckabee Sanders gave this answer:

“It’s not coldhearted for the President to uphold the law. We are a nation of law and order and the day that we start to ignore the fact that we are that, then we throw away everything that gives these people a reason to want to come to our country. If we stop becoming the country that we were envisioned to be, then we throw away what makes us special, which makes America unique. This President’s not willing to do that. The previous administration was, this one isn’t. But we want to have real solutions. We want to have laws that address these problems, but it’s Congress’s job to legislate, not the president’s. And we actually want to uphold the Constitution, and I think people across this country should be celebrating the fact that they have a President that is standing up and upholding the Constitution as he was elected to do.”

President Trump talked last week about approaching this issue with heart. Huckabee Sanders said she finds it heartless for Democrats to be exploiting this issue for political gain.

Watch above, via CNN.

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