Hugh Hewitt on Latest Trump Threats: ‘We’re in a Very Dangerous Moment’

On MSNBC, conservative commentator Hugh Hewitt gave his reaction to President Trump‘s recent remarks on North Korea, and it was grim.

“I think we’re in a very dangerous moment,” he began. “Separate the signal from the noise… It’s all very interesting but the news is; he’s talking to President Xi tonight and the North Koreans are on notice if they threaten Guam, there will be a retaliatory attack.”

While he said that the U.S. is “really on the edge here,” he noted that none of this was Trump’s fault.

“This isn’t a Trump issue,” he elaborated. “Trump didn’t create this situation. The president inherited a mess. He’s using different language I think to effectively communicate that signal rather than more blah, blah, blah noise.”

MSNBC’s Craig Melvin then asked Hewitt if he thought the Trump administration’s message has been “cohesive and effective.”

“There are two audiences; Kim Jong-un and President Xi,” he continued.  “And Trump is using language that’s been heard by both of those individuals and the regimes they represent. It’s for great fodder on cable television… as a national security issue, the most important thing is how the North Koreans react, do they follow though on their threats.”

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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