comScore Interior Designer Nina Carbone Critiques TV Work From Home Sets

Interior Designer Critiques the Most Stylish Work From Home Sets of TV Pundits in Self-Isolation

David Faber Works From Home -- With a Guest

With the coronavirus outbreak prompting governors across the country to issue stay at home orders, news network headquarters in New York City and beyond have all but shuttered. That means everyone from analysts to anchors are confined to their homes — using laptop webcams carefully aimed to show off their makeshift studios — beaming in to keep the 24-hour news cycle running.

We asked interior designer Nina Carbone to critique the broadcast-from-home set ups of some of the most ubiquitous faces on television news during the coronavirus outbreak.

See Nina’s selection of the most stylish below.

Ian Bremmer, Eurasia Group President, Gzero Media Founder, MSNBC

Ian Bremmer Works From Home on MSNBC

+ Ian isn’t messing around. I don’t know Ian, but I know Ian’s BDDW Wingchair and it’s ???.
+ Bonus points for the dog (cat? hampster? ferret?) that was snoozing away on said chair throughout his hit.
+ Inky-black, matte painted walls and windows: ? (Ian, can you email me the color name? Thankssomuch.)
+ Convex mirror and wood-brass task lamp: You had me at BDDW chair, but these don’t suck, either.

David Faber, CNBC Anchor

David Faber Works From Home

+ Donald Sultan print: where it’s at
+ White oak, wide plank floors: where it’s at
+ Jens Risom lounge chairs: where it’s at
+ David’s also got two turntables and a microphone. Beck approves.

Jake Sherman, Politico Reporter and MSNBC Contributor

Jake Sherman Works From Home

+ Jake’s a smart guy. Jake reads books. Jake reads so many books (including the freaking Power Broker) so fast that they just stack up in messy piles.
+ We all have a junk drawer. Jake has a junk bookcase. RIP manilla self-seal envelopes.
+ Pirate ship: art or jigsaw puzzle box?

Morgan Brennan, CNBC Anchor

Morgan Brennan Works From Home

+ Do you remember Todd and Margot, Clark Griswold’s neighbors in the Christmas Vacation movie? Is it just me, or does Morgan’s living room have a little Todd and Margot vibe to it?
+ Plant = thirsty
+ Wegner leather wing chair: ?

Anne Rimon, Epidemiologist UCLA Fielding School of Public Health, MSNBC

Anne Rimon Works From Home

+ Darth Vader sized black leather chair: ?
+ True story: Even if you didn’t, in fact, just wake up from a nap on the sofa 10 minutes prior, it will look like you did if you buy the Restoration Hardware “Cloud” sofa. Just ask any RH sales person how many times a day they fluff and hand-steam the one in the store — you will be HORRIFIED.

Deirdre Bosa, CNBC Technology Reporter

Deirdre Bosa Works From Home

+ Terracotta pottery + soaring eagle triptych + Bob Ross-ian oil landscapes in big gold frames = I think Deirdre escaped the city for her parents Arizona retirement community. Cant say I blame her.

Barbie Nadeau, CNN’s Rome Contributor

+ Barbie is a woman who knows what she likes and goes all in. Old-fashioned typewriters? Houseplants? ????
+ Let’s play a little game I like to call: Spot the Ikea bookshelf. (The Ikea love is really a global thing. Those crafty Swedes — you come for the meatballs, leave with a Malm dresser.)

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