Is This Amy Schumer Sketch a Veiled Shot at David Letterman?


At first glance, the “Celebrity Guest” sketch from last night’s Inside Amy Schumer was a satirical look at how late night show — in general — tend to treat young female guests differently than male movie stars. But as some viewers began pointing out last night, the commentary may have been aimed directly at soon-to-retire Late Show host David Letterman:

This morning, Salon’s Anna Silman posted a deep dive into the parallels between Amy Schumer’s interaction with the faux-late night host played by Bill Hader and Letterman’s interviews with pretty much every “Celebrity Cool Girl” on the late night circuit.

Besides Hader’s use of Letterman’s signature pencil, Schumer is introduced as “Amy Lake Blively” and enters wearing a dress that is nearly identical to one that actress Blake Lively wore on the Late Show in 2010.

“It’s all there — the inane banter, the goofy giggles, the inappropriate handsy-ness… and the coy, come-hither body language,” Silman writes. “Meanwhile, Hader’s character, though not a direct impression, certainly captures plenty of of Letterman’s slime and innuendo, the dryness, the nodding, the pencil-drumming. It’s Letterman without quite being Letterman, but the source material — at very least, the inspiration — seems clear.”

Silman also points to Schumer’s most recent appearance on the Late Show, in which she subverted the role of sexy late night ingenue by lifting up her dress to show Letterman a scar on her leg. “That’s my vagina,” she said, making the host unusually uncomfortable.

Another hint that Schumer was skewering Letterman specifically in last night’s sketch? Her reaction to Tina Fey’s #LastDressEver stunt, in which she removed her dress on air during her final Late Show appearance to reveal a comical set underwear that read “Bye Dave” across the front:

At that point, Schumer knew her own take on the high standards for women as late night guests was just a week away.

Watch the sketch below, via Comedy Central:

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