Jake Tapper Blasts Trump for Smearing Bill Taylor: Between Him and POTUS, Whose Values Make You Feel ‘Ashamed’?


CNN’s Jake Tapper slammed President Donald Trump and his administration on Sunday for their smearing of Bill Taylor in light of his testimony on the Ukraine scandal.

Tapper closed out State of the Union by noting how Taylor made waves last week when the top Ukraine envoy told Congress there was a quid pro quo when Ukraine learned that U.S. military aid would be withheld unless their government publicly-announced they would conduct the investigations Trump and his allies wanted on his political opponents. As Tapper recapped all of this, he cycled through Taylor’s military and public service records, all while noting that the Trump administration is referring to Taylor as “human scum” among other things.

Tapper continued by saying he has spoken to Taylor’s old acquaintances from his military days in Vietnam, who say they are “enraged” watching the Trump administration “lie” about him.

“None of those attacking him ever stood up for their country the way Bill did,” Tapper said, citing the words of retired colonel Bob Seitz.

Tapper concluded by remarking that Taylor was hesitant about accepting the Kiev envoy position, but did so out of his sense of duty before coming under attack by Trump.

“President Trump can suggest that Taylor is ‘human scum’ and the folks in the White House can attempt to smear Bill Taylor. but to his friends the president isn’t just attacking Bill Taylor, he’s attacking the values that Taylor personifies: duty, honor, and country,” Tapper said. “[One colleague] told me ‘Taylor’s integrity and courage are the true marks of patriotism, loyal to an oath of office and never to be corrupted or intimidated by those seeking personal gain at our nation’s expense.'”

“You can ask yourself: of the behavior and values you have seen displayed during this impeachment inquiry, whose makes you proud to be an American and whose might make you ashamed?” Tapper concluded.

Tapper interviewed a number of Taylor’s military comrades for a written article as well, all of whom attested to Taylor’s character

Watch above, via CNN.

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