Jake Tapper Fact-Checks Mike Pence Immigration Lie During Live Interview


Vice President Mike Pence was caught in a blatant falsehood when he claimed that “90-plus percent” of asylum seekers fail to show up for their hearings, and CNN’s Jake Tapper corrected him live on the air.

On Sunday morning’s edition of State of the Union with Jake Tapper, the anchor referenced Trump’s postponement of mass deportations, and asked Pence, “what exactly does the president want to see in a deal that would prevent these deportations?”

Pence told Tapper that “we have a crisis on our southern border,” and that “people that are exploiting what are well-known loopholes in our laws that say if you arrive with a minor, that you can only be detained for 20 days, after which you are essentially released into the country.”

“Right, because of the Flores decision,” Tapper said.

“You know that 90-plus percent of the people that apply for asylum in this country are denied,” Pence said. “They actually don’t have a claim for asylum.”

Most asylum-seekers do, however, meet the bar for a “credible fear” determination.

“And so the president took steps earlier this year too, declared a national emergency, we’re building the wall, we’ll have 400 miles built,” Pence claimed, also falsely.

“What does he want with the asylum laws? What does he want to change with the asylum laws?” Tapper interrupted.

“We want to end the days where people believe they can come into the country, make a claim of asylum from oppression or deprivation or violence in Central America or elsewhere, and then be released into the country on their own recognizance, only to vanish into the nation…” Pence said.

“Well, most of them do show up to their hearing,” Tapper interrupted.

“Ninety percent of the people never show up for their hearing in the months ahead,” Pence said.

“I don’t think that number is accurate, about not showing up,” Tapper said, adding, “I think I’m majority do show up. I mean they all should show up, it should be 100% show up.”

“Well, it’s actually not true, people with a hearing that scheduled 6 months, a year, 18 months later, the overwhelming majority, plus-90 percent don’t show up,” Pence said.

But this claim has been repeatedly debunked in ostentatious fashion, including by CNN’s Daniel Dale and late-night comedian Stephen Colbert.

Later in the interview, it was debunked again when Tapper told Pence “You said a second ago that 90% of people who get detained don’t show up for their court hearing, and the Justice Department data said it is 60% to 70%.”

That’s 60 to 70 percent who do attend their hearings.

Watch the clip above, via CNN.

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