Brad Parscale

Trump 2020 Chief Downplays George Conway’s Ties to President: ‘POTUS Couldn’t Pick Him Out of a Lineup’

Trump Opens Fire on Kellyanne Conway’s Husband: ‘A Total Loser’

Trump’s Campaign Manager Attacks George Conway: He’s ‘Jealous’ of His Wife’s Success

Trump Campaign’s Latest Donation Push Invites Supporters Send Faux Bricks to Pelosi and Schumer

Trump Campaign Manager Ridiculed for Telling Mitt Romney ‘Jealously is a Drink Best Served Warm’

Trump’s First 2020 Ad Demands Viewers Call President to ‘Deliver Personal Thank You’ For Economy

Trump Campaign Manager Responds to Facebook, NBC Banning Racist Ad: They Stand With Illegal Immigrants

Trump’s Campaign Manager Reportedly Wanted Roseanne to Appear at Rally After Her Firing

Trump Campaign Chief Brad Parscale Apologizes for Anti-CNN Fundraising Email Sent After Bomb Threat

Trump Campaign Manager Fires Back at Lawrence O’Donnell for Saying POTUS Always ‘Backs Down’

Trump’s Campaign Manager Uses a Kim Kardashian Comment About POTUS to Swipe at the Media

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Calls For POTUS to Dump AG, End Mueller Probe: ‘Time to Fire Sessions’

CNN’s Acosta Clashes With Trump Campaign Manager: ‘Dictatorships Take Away Press Credentials’

Tapper Hits Back at Trump Campaign Manager for Attack on Acosta: ‘Attitude That Fits Better in Pyongyang’

Trump Campaign Manager Demands CNN’s Jim Acosta Lose Press Credentials for Doing His Job

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel: Claiming Russia Helped Trump is ‘Dangerous For Our Democracy’

RNC Chair Ronna McDaniel Slams Clinton: Being ‘Out of Touch’ Was ‘Only Reason She Lost’

Trump 2020 Campaign Manager Exchanges Twitter Barbs With NYT’s Maggie Haberman: ‘Ask Your So-Called Sources’

Trump Campaign, RNC Respond to DNC Lawsuit: ‘Desperate’

Trump 2020 Campaign Chief Slams ‘Fake News’ Report Saying He Hired Rob Porter

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