Jesse Watters’ Interview With Millennial Evicted by Parents is Yet Another Cringeworthy Train Wreck

Evicted millennial Michael Rotondo is unemployed, a self-described conservative and was recently evicted by his parents’ home after a battle in court.

Yet despite the fact Rotondo’s past interviews on both CNN and Fox News have proven to be a discombobulated mess of awkward pauses and confused ramblings, that didn’t stop Jesse Watters from having him on his show Saturday night for an interview.

The interview took place while Rotondo was sitting in a 9-year-old’s bedroom at his “cousin’s sister’s house” after being officially ousted from his parents’ place.

Watters started by asking him where he was staying, his inability to finish college, his work record before grilling him on who he voted for in the last election.

“Did you vote for president in 2016?” Watters asked. “Would you like to share who you voted for?”

“I voted for Gary Johnson,” Rotondo replied.

“Gary, Somehow that doesn’t surprise me,” Watters said, not bothering to stifle a laugh. “I don’t know why. I thought it was going to be Bernie or Gary and I think I was right.”

“You have got to vote for your favorite. You have got to vote for the candidate you support,” Rotondo replied, not seeming to be in on Watters’ joke.

Then a little while later, Watters asked the self-avowed Libertarian, “So if fiscal responsibility is important to you, don’t you think you might have saved some money and been fiscally responsible in your personal life.”

Rotondo, once again seemingly unaware of Watters’ smirk, replied, “I didn’t think of that. That’s a good point” prompting Watters to laugh out loud.

Watch above, via Fox News

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