CNN Interview With the 30-Year-Old ‘Millennial’ Evicted from Parents’ House is a Cringeworthy Train Wreck

A 30-year-old, unemployed man and self-described conservative who was evicted by his parents spoke out on CNN today about why he didn’t respond to his parents’ repeated requests that he did not vacate their New York home.

In response, during the trainwreck interview, host Brooke Baldwin asked him point blank why he did not get a job.

Michael Rotondo, who seemed scattered throughout the awkward and sometimes surreal interview, was first asked if he wanted to move out of his parents’ home.

He responded by saying he didn’t want to live there anymore because “it’s very tense, it’s very awkward.”

Rotundo, whose eviction story went viral earlier today, then explained that the first time his parents asked him to leave it was winter and that he needed reasonable time to find a new place to live.

“I don’t like living here but I need reasonable time,” he rambled.”And as an example of this, the first notice, the February 2nd notice, you have basically 14 days before you’re outside in the winter weather.”

Baldwin then asked if he was so miserable why he didn’t move out now.

A discombobulated Rotundo said he couldn’t because he didn’t have the “means,” prompting Baldwin to ask, “Do you have a job?”

She then told him people with poor work histories could still get jobs.

He appeared to have trouble gathering a coherent response.

“I have plans to be able to provide myself with the income I need to support myself but it’s not something that’s going to come together tomorrow,” he said. “So I’m trying to do what’s best for me.”

Things then took a sad turn when he recounted how he lost his son and no longer had visitation rights for his child and noted his parents, too, had told him he needed a job.

Baldwin offered her sympathies on the custody issue before asking Rotundo if the problem may be, in part, because he was a millennial.

“This millennial generation…you guys seem so entitled,” she said, before asking Rotundo to respond to critics who pan his generation.

“I’m really not a member of that demographic that they’re speaking to,” he replied.

“I’m a very conservative person,” he added, noting millennials “are very liberal.”

Then he contradicted himself once again.

“I am a millennial,” the frazzled Rotundo interjected, before Baldwin closed out the interview she dubbed “surreal.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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