Jimmy Kimmel Mocks Rudy Giuliani’s ‘Major Case of Crazy Eyes’ During Hannity Interview


As everyone and their mother knows by now, Rudy Giuliani blew up the news world on Tuesday night when he had an interview on Hannity dropping Trump-related bombshells like it was his job. (Even though it’s, you know, kind of the opposite of his job. Attorney-client privilege and all that.)

What everyone maybe doesn’t know is that Giuliani seemed pretty darn excited about his foray into the Fox News fray, and the giveaway is that he had what Jimmy Kimmel called Wednesday night “a major case of crazy eyes.”

There wasn’t any love lost between Kimmel and Giuliani about what the latter said on Fox News, either.

“Maybe hiring me to be Trump’s lawyer was a bad idea?” Kimmel quipped when Giuliani stuttered on Fox & Friends over why Michael Cohen said he wasn’t reimbursed for the Stormy Daniels payment when he, according to Giuliani, “definitely was.”

But the “crazy eyes” were absolutely the coup-de-grace. Kimmel showed at least a dozen clips of Giuliani’s eyes bugging out of his head while making claims about the likes of James Comey, Michael Cohen, and, of course, President Donald Trump himself.

The late-night host posted the hashtag #CrazyEyes with the video. It has yet to really catch on, but the day is still pretty new and there’s lots more insanity to come if the past few months have been any indication.

Watch above, via ABC.

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