comScore Joe Namath: NFL Players Association Should ‘Consider Hiring’ Colin Kaepernick Due to Blackball

Joe Namath: NFL Players Association Should ‘Consider Hiring’ Colin Kaepernick Due to Blackball

With the Super Bowl approaching, Fox News’ Neil Cavuto brought on football Hall of Famer Joe Namath to talk about some of the big stories surrounding the NFL heading into the big game. And eventually, the conversation got around to players kneeling during the national anthem and the player who kickstarted those protests.

After Namath noted that he agreed with Justin Timberlake’s decision not to let his son play football over concerns with concussions, the Super Bowl III champ was asked about Vince McMahon starting a rival league that would force all players to stand for the anthem. The former quarterback said the issue has gotten all confused.

“Well, this is America, and I think this issue that Colin Kaepernick originally started has been really mixed up, man,” Namath stated. “Taking a knee, even, was taking a sign of submission and respect to the flag. This is crazy. This is America and outside of the workplace we should continue to protest what we don’t think is right.”

Cavuto wanted to know what would happen to any player who decided to protest on the field while the Star-Spangled Banner played during tomorrow’s Super Bowl. Namath noted that he could risk being blackballed like Kaepernick. He then highlighted how the ex-San Francisco 49ers QB has the ability and background that prove “he’s worthy of a position in this game.”

“I think that maybe the players association ought to consider hiring Colin or giving him a job if no team owner will give him a job,” Namath added.

Cavuto did not follow up, instead pivoting to a discussion about Kirk Cousins and how bit a contract he could expect this offseason.

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