Joe Scarborough: Fox News Actively Engaging In Fear-Mongering, Lying and Racism to Support Trump


Joe Scarborough called out Fox News and it’s curious obsession with a caravan of immigrants currently based at the  Mexico-Guatemala border.

With the midterms just a week away, the Trump administration sending more than 5,000 troops to the border to deal with an alleged immediate threat posed by a caravan of immigrants approaching the Southern U.S. border.

For viewers of Fox News, sending American soldiers to the border makes complete sense, since viewers see a steady diet of hosts and panelists discussing a clear and present danger presented by an invasion of Central American migrants, some even diseased with smallpox and leprosy.

This sort of reporting, however, stands in stark contrast to reports from other news outlets. And according to Scarborough, Fox News is actively engaging in fear-mongering and racism to gin up a base of supporters to help Trump in the midterms.

After a discussion in which Trump again doubled down on the use of the term “nationalism” in an interview with Fox News Laura Ingraham last night, a deflated Mika Brzezinski exasperated surprise that a media arm would be complicit in what she seems to think is a dishonest campaign of misinformation.

Scarborough jumped in, adding “the problem here is not only is the media arm complicit, not only is Congress complicit, they are actively engaging in the fear-mongering and the lying and the hatred and the racism.”

“When you talk about the others bringing smallpox to America, when it was eradicated in 1980, when you’re talking about bringing leprosy to the United States by a caravan that is not even going to exist by the time it gets to the United States if what happened in April happens, as well,” Scarborough added.

He then questioned the fiduciary responsibilities of News Corp investors, saying “They are spreading this racist lie. Think about this. If you’re a stockholder of a certain media company, the stock that you are holding actually puts you in ownership with a media company that is spreading white nationalist lies, lies about leprosy, lies about smallpox, lies about the others inviting the United States of America.”

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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