Joe Scarborough Goes Off on PGA Deal with Saudis: Like ‘If the NFL Accused the AFL of Being Responsible for Pearl Harbor’


Joe Scarborough pummeled Jay Monahan and the rest of the PGA Tour for abandoning their principles to partner up with the Saudi-backed LIV Golf League.

On Wednesday, Morning Joe held court on the shocking news that the PGA Tour and LIV are dropping their public rivalry to form a new joint venture. Much of the conversation focused on how the deal represents a major shift for Monahan after he slammed LIV a year ago for being bankrolled by the Saudis, who he held responsible for 9/11.

Sports commentator Mike Lupica noted that Monahan is bound to face a ton of backlash from PGA Tour golfers who remained loyal to the organization instead of accepting the lucrative contracts LIV offered to attract golfers to their league.

“It might not happen this week or next month, [but] I think Monahan’s through,” Lupica said.

Richard Haass opined that it was “inevitable” the PGA Tour would join forces with LIV, likening the situation to NFL’s rivalry with the AFL before they merged. Scarborough seized on that idea, which he mocked: “It’s like the NFL and the AFL if the NFL accused the AFL of being responsible for Pearl Harbor.”

Jay Monahan accused the Saudis of killing 3,000 Americans on September 11. He did! Look at his words. He wrapped it all around his defense of the PGA. It’s all wrapped around this idea we’re not going to be bed with the people who killed 3,000 Americans. And yesterday, he’s calling them great business partners…Jay Monahan, he doesn’t care if he gets fired tomorrow. Everybody’s getting rich on this deal. Everybody’s getting rich. I don’t know how you go from calling them terrists to calling them great business partners just because he’s getting $10-11 billion.

Watch above via MSNBC.

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