comScore Joe Scarborough: ‘Im Tired Of Us Being the Stupid Party’ (Forgetting He Left the GOP)

Joe Scarborough: ‘Im Tired Of Us Being the Stupid Party’ (Forgetting He Left the GOP)

It seems that being a member of the Grand Old Party is a hard habit to break.

Morning Joe seemed to spend an inordinate amount of time this morning doing a political autopsy on the GOP Senate primary race that saw the establishment candidate Luther Strange get absolutely housed by human cartoon character Roy Moore (despite President Donald Trump‘s endorsement of “Big Luther.”)

The impact and implications of how Moore’s victory will effect the Republican party are significant issues, particularly since Moore is literally a gun-toting, gay-hating, ten commandment spouting political figure who has failed to express that he has a clear understanding of many issues of the day (namely DACA and Dreamers, as Mika Brzezinski mentioned in the intro to the segment above.)

Mika’s co-host Joe Scarborough could barely hold back his disgust at the Moore victory and what it portends for future GOP candidates (holding back disgust is one of his great rhetorical devices) and then opined that he was “tired of us being the stupid party.” Us?!

Earlier this summer Scarborough announced that he was leaving the Republican party he once so proudly represented in Congress back when he lived in the “Redneck Riviera” section of the Florida panhandle. He now is a latte-sipping, Upper West Side, certified Media Elite™ who vacations in the South of France with his fellow media elite fiancé!

But it’s sort of charming that he still refers to the Republican party as “us” (even though he’s probably more interested in his next band practice at that killer studio downtown.) Welcome to the Monkey House!

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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