Joe Scarborough: Mike Pence Lied, Degraded Himself for Trump On No ‘Blue Wave’ Comment


Joe Scarborough is saddened by the fact that, in his opinion, Vice President Mike Pence feels like he has to lie to a reporter and degrade himself for Donald Trump. 

We know this because that’s what the Morning Joe host said to viewers of his show after cohort Willie Geist, ran a short package that highlighted Pence’s dismissal of the so-called Democratic “blue wave” of electoral victories during last week’s midterms.

Pence was featured telling a reporter “We made history by expanding our majority in the Senate. We won some great elections in governor’s offices around the country, and we didn’t really see that blue wave in the house of representatives come our way. I think it’s because the American people see the results.”

Pence’s assessment runs counter to conventional wisdom that crosses the political divide. The Democrats flipped gained 32 seats in the House of Representatives, a number which could grow to 38 when all votes are tallied.

After watching that clip, Scarborough said: “It would be funny if it weren’t so sad for this guy who was actually once not only a respected politician but a respected man, but now he is giving Baghdad Bob a bad name saying that they had a great Tuesday.”

He then called Pence’s most recent example “political spin” evidence of why Trump and Republicans are losing supporters, saying “this is what repelled so many educated suburban voters, that Mike Pence and people like Mike Pence and their representatives would lie to try to line up with Donald Trump, and it catches up with them. It always catches up with them, and they keep doing it.”

He then asked fellow panelist John Heilemann, “Tuesday was a massive blue wave, was it not? Especially in the house, was it not?”

Heilemann agreed, saying ” It was. Unequivocally and without any reservation you can say that, and the numbers keep stacking up.”

So there you have it. Joe Scarborough, disappointed in Mike Pence’s lies.

Watch the clip above, courtesy of MSNBC.

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