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John Delaney Attacks Elizabeth Warren on Fox & Friends: Her Policies Are ‘Extreme’

During an appearance on Fox News Wednesday morning, presidential hopeful and former congressman John Delaney rehashed his clashes with Democratic Sens. Elizabeth Warren (MA) and Bernie Sanders (VT) during Tuesday’s second round of Democratic debates, as he accused his progressive rivals of offering Americans “extreme” campaign promises.

Delaney was the on the losing side of one of the most notable applause lines of the night, which occurred after Delaney insisted that “policies like Medicare for All, free everything, and impossible promises” will lead to President Donald Trump winning reelection and Sanders, when asked to reply, said, “You’re wrong.”

During another moment, Warren responded to Delaney’s calls for moderation in the Democratic primary to another round of applause: “You know, I don’t understand why anybody goes to all the trouble of running for president of the United States just to talk about what we really can’t do and shouldn’t fight for.”

Fox News aired the clips and allowed Delaney to elaborate on the smackdowns.

“That’s the response when someone really can’t defend their plans,” the former Maryland lawmaker said of progressive policies. “It’s a dishonest, kind of lazy response.”

Delaney went on to describe Warren as “the extreme left of the party,” adding that what “she’s proposing are either impossible promises or fairy-tale economics, she says, ‘Oh, you’re not being ambitious enough.'”

“I think it’s just kind of lazy and a dishonest response,” he continued.

While Delaney received praise from Fox & Friends for thinking in a “practical” way, the rest of the party appears to not be convinced, as he is currently polling at around 1 percent or less in most of the Democratic primary’s early polls.

Fox News co-host Ainsley Earhardt commended Delaney for exposing Warren as “that kid in school that beat you when you were running for student body president who promised to put snack machines in all the classes.”

“You know that’s not going to happen, but the kids hear that, and they vote for that person,” she added.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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