John Kelly Reportedly Writing White House Tell-All, Said He’d Expedite Release if Trump Attacks Him


A new report says that John Kelly intends to write a tell-all about his time as White House chief of staff, and it might come out faster than expected if President Donald Trump ever decides to attack him.

CNN reports that in one of Kelly’s last meetings with Trump before leaving the administration, the president asked him if he intends to write a book someday. Sources say that Kelly told Trump he did plan on writing a memoir, but would wait until Trump was no long president before he publishes.

There was a catch, however:

“The former general’s guarantee came in terms more reminiscent of a military ceasefire than an employee separation agreement: Kelly told Trump he would hold his fire as long as Trump didn’t attack him first.”

Trump has attacked former aides who’ve criticized him after leaving his administration, and its possible that Trump would not approve of Kelly’s book if it talks about the negative turn their relationship took before they parted ways. Trump has yet to comment on the most recent statements from former Defense Secretary James Mattis, but he did recently attack Omarosa Manigault again while presenting a legal threat to Madeleine Westerhout if she keeps talking to reporters.

“Bottom line is, they’re in damage control,” Pamela Brown said as she spoke about her report with Brooke Baldwin. “This is often the case when aides leave. You see this pattern of former aides who leave the White House, given jobs in Trump’s orbit – whether it be the campaign or elsewhere – and then you see these Twitter threats as well that we saw from President Trump.”

Watch above, via CNN.

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