John Kerry Unleashes On Trump: He Has The ‘Insecurity of a Teenage Girl’


On Friday night, former Secretary of State John Kerry sharply rebuked President Donald Trump‘s latest attacks against him.

Bill Maher began the interview by invoking the tweet the president made yesterday blasting Kerry for his various meetings with the Iranian government since leaving office.

“What did you do, John Kerry, that was BAD?” Maher sarcastically asked.

“I think I told the truth,” Kerry responded, causing the audience to applaud. “He’s the first president that I know of who spends more time reading his Twitter ‘likes’ than his briefing books and the Constitution of the United States.”

Kerry defended his actions out of office, saying “everybody does it,” citing Henry Kissinger as an example and adding that there’s “nothing unusual about it.”

The former senator and presidential candidate then completely unleashed on Trump.

“The conversation he ought to be worrying about is Paul Manafort with Mueller,” Kerry said. “And soon you’ll be hearing him say ‘That’s the worst deal that has ever been made.’ But when you stop and think about it, it has gone from The Art of the Deal to The Art of the Squeal.”

Kerry said that democracy is “based on truth” and that under this president, the “truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth,” are “three different things.”

“I don’t want to get into a real riff on this, but I’ve got to tell ya… he really is the rare combination of an eight-year-old boy- he’s got the maturity of an eight-year-old boy with the insecurity of a teenage girl,” Kerry quipped.

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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