John Oliver: Saturday in New York City Was like ‘Reverse 9/11’ With Dancing on the ‘Rooftops in News Jersey’


John Oliver gleefully announced that “Donald Trump isn’t going to be president anymore” at the start of Sunday’s Last Week Tonight — before giving a rundown of New York’s celebratory weekend.

“It was like that all day here in New York. There was a mood here that can only be described as a reverse 9/11, because it combined complete euphoria, abiding disgust for Rudy Giuliani, and this time, people actually were dancing on the rooftops in New Jersey,” Oliver said. “It was a really good day. Never forget.”

After noting the various celebrations following Trump’s loss, Oliver gave his viewers a rundown of the “absolute year of a week” that was this year’s election.

“All that bullsh*t, which we have grown accustomed to seeing work did not work this time,” Oliver pointed out, adding that Trump’s lying “is just not going to have the same effect anymore” once he’s out of the White House.

The host noted that despite Trump’s loss, millions of Americans voted for him, before cutting to a Fox News clip that essentially said Trump is the future of the Republican party.

“In the days and the weeks ahead, there is likely going to be a lot of talk from white people in how Black and Brown voters ‘saved us’ — which just kind of misses the point a little bit,” Oliver added. “They weren’t voting as a favor for white people so much as voting to protect themselves and their communities from someone trying to do them active harm.”

“It is going to be a long road to dig us out of the place the last four years have put us in,” he said. “That is why it might be so important to remember the moments of triumph that this week has managed to provide”

After listing many of Trump administration members that Americans will never have to care about again, including Steve Mnuchin and “f*cking” Jared Kushner, Oliver suggested, “We all have the right to put on our masks, go outside and party like octopuses on f*cking ecstasy.”

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