Jon Stewart Rips Congress Over 9/11 Aid on Fox News: ‘So-Called Fiscal Hawks’ Signed a ‘Trillion Dollar Tax Cut For Exxon’

Jon Stewart was on Capitol Hill today once again joining 9/11 first responders to press Congress to renew the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund. The congressional subcommittee heard from first responders like Luis Alvarez, who shamed Congress for making him come down to remind them they promised to “never forget.”

Stewart himself excoriated absent lawmakers during the hearing today, and this afternoon he and several first responders, including FealGood Foundation president John Feal, spoke with Fox News’ Shepard Smith about the ongoing fight.

Stewart said it was a very emotional day, especially after receiving a coat that belonged to firefighter Ray Pfeifer, a 9/11 first responder who passed away in 2017.

Smith asked Stewart who in Congress would be pushing back on this.

“I would say it’s the so-called fiscal hawks,” he said, “who despite passing a 1.5 trillion-dollar corporate tax cut for Exxon, now claim that the percentage––which is basically a rounding error off of the deficit––is going to maybe blow up the country 10 years from now. It’s irresponsible, it’s disingenuous.”

“If I read you some of the tweets and quotes that these individuals write about these 9/11 first responders and how we owe them such a great debt and how our freedom is based on their character and their struggle, and then turn around and vote these bills down, the hypocrisy’s just stunning,” he added.

Smith and Stewart recalled the horror of that day and the bravery of the men and women who put themselves in harm’s way to save others.

Stewart said it’s a debt he feels like he can never repay, “and that’s why it hurts so much to hear them dismiss it as a regional issue.”

He also told Smith it drove him “nuts” to see empty seats there, saying, “Either 9/11 was a priority or it wasn’t. But your deeds have to at some point match your tweets and your words. And today it didn’t.”

“No amount of money is going to end the suffering and the grieving that these men and women have to endure,” Stewart concluded, “but they can stop making it worse. They can stop adding uncertainty and stress and financial hardship to the lives of these folks. That’s all this is about.”

You can watch above, via Fox News.

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