Jon Stewart Slams Melodramatic Media Analysis Of Hurricane Vs. GOP Convention

Stewart Slams Melodramatic Media Analysis Of Hurricane Vs. GOP Convention

The Republican National Convention, post-Hurricane Isaac delay, had a long lineup of speeches on Tuesday night. And never one to miss out on current events, Jon Stewart picked up his show and moved it to the host city of Tampa. With a few jabs at the blame directed toward President Barack Obama, Stewart moved on to a familiar target: The media.

To get us caught up, Stewart cut to correspondents John Oliver, Jessica Williams, Jason Jones and Samantha Bee — each of whom showed us that Tampa was not a great place to be. And it was all Obama’s fault. “A wind- and rain-soaked shell of itself” where storms and droughts area result of gay marriage. A “den of moral depravity,” thanks to liberalism.

Stewart then, first pausing to offers thoughts to those affected by Isaac, went on to note some of the punditry surrounding the storm and the convention. Cue a montage of commentators remarking that the storm “hurts Romney.” It’s “a competing story.” And: “The worst thing in the world for Republicans though, would be that split-screen of partisan speeches as people are being evacuated.”

“Really?” Stewart asked. “Not only do I not think that would not be the worst thing in the world for Republicans, I don’t think that’s the worst human evacuation-based split screen for Republicans.”

And then he filled in the blank with his own worst-thing-ever split-screen.

Take a look at it, via Comedy Central:

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