Don Lemon Praises ‘Chunky’ CNN Reporter Facing Irma Wrath: ‘Nothing Wrong With a Little Curve’


The early morning hours of Monday offered some of Hurricane Irma’s most punishing moments. For cable news journalists, it was a time to demonstrate their hurricane bonafides by reporting in the thick of action.

To that end, CNN’s Don Lemon took viewers to Daytona Beach, Florida. The beachside city on Florida’s eastern coast looked incredibly nasty when the cameras turned to live coverage from CNN reporter Sara Sidner shortly after midnight.

To underscore her point about just how ferocious the wind and rain was, Sidner alluded to her own body, which she described as “chunky” and warned viewers that if the storm was bumping her around it was something to take very seriously.

“We’re seeing the tops of trash cans flying around and this wind — I am not a small woman as you know Don, I am a chunky girl and it is blowing me around — when the gusts come really, really hard. So this is nothing to play around with. Everyone has been told that over and over again.”

The comment elicited some clear chuckles from Lemon broadcasting remotely from a comfortable — non-hurricane afflicted — CNN studio.

“Thank you Sarah Sidner, you’re a beautiful woman no matter what size you are and there is nothing wrong with having a little curve.”

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