Journos From Both Sides Slam Chris Cuomo’s Glowing Interview With Brother Andrew: ‘This Is So Gross and Embarrassing’


CNN has faced criticism before — including on this site — for the gabfests between anchor Chris Cuomo and his brother, New York Governor Andrew Cuomo. That criticism ratcheted up following the duo’s latest interview on Wednesday — a remarkably chummy affair which was torn apart by commentators on both sides of the aisle.

For months, CNN has allowed Cuomo to interview his brother on his response to the coronavirus despite the obvious conflict of interest their interviews entail. While this might have been good for ratings, the Cuomo-on-Cuomo interviews have been decried as an affront to journalistic integrity — and clearly have not always been handled with the seriousness an ongoing pandemic requires.

Chris Cuomo hosted his brother again on his show Wednesday night, and he acknowledged the ethical complications of the conversation while briefly asking the governor how many people died in nursing homes under his watch, before moving on. The CNN host also admitted “I’m not objective” and largely gushed over his elder brother’s performance during the show, before bringing the interview to an emotional conclusion.

His elder brother has indeed earned good press coverage. But New York, the state he runs, has more deaths from coronavirus than any other state — by far. The CNN host was called out for an interview that failed to treat that fact as the news it is.

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