Joy Reid: Many Feel Tucker Carlson’s Pushing a ‘Blatantly White Nationalist’ Point of View


Over the past few days, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight has received quite a bit of scrutiny over its extremely hawkish stance on immigration. With the current conversation in Washington focused largely on DACA and Democrats using the spending bill to demand protections for DREAMers, host Tucker Carlson has devoted a lot of airtime to the topic. And to many folks out there, those segments have come across as racially insensitive and xenophobic.

During today’s broadcast of MSNBC’s AM Joy, host Joy Reid briefly addressed Carlson’s attacks on immigrants, stating that a lot of people are seeing his comments and statements as akin to white supremacy. Moderating a panel discussion on immigration, Reid asked panelist Jennifer Mendelsohn about some of the research she had done into Carlson’s background. Mendelsohn pointed out that the Fox News host’s great-great-grandfather had left memoirs detailing his own struggles in Europe and how that pushed him to come to America.

“He talked about how the prospects for him in his native Switzerland were bleak — he was seized with a violent desire to get out and that’s why he came to the US in 1860,” she noted. “People in genealogical glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.”

“Absolutely, and Tucker’s been one of the more aggressive at putting forward what a lot of people have seen as a pretty blatantly white nationalist view of what immigration should be like,” Reid added in response.

I highly doubt that this shot across Tucker’s bow will go unanswered.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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