Joy Reid Says Trump Success Based On Embracing ‘Anger and Rage’ From ‘Rush Limbaugh’


MSNBC host and consistent race-baiter Joy Reid said on Tuesday that Donald Trump‘s success in the election can be attributed to tapping into the racism, “vulgarity,” “anger and rage” of the American people that is best exemplified by “right-wing talk radio.”

Speaking with Chuck Todd about Senator Jeff Flake’s new controversial book, “Conscience of a Conservative,” Reid said, “If you’ve been listening to right wing talk radio over the last 20 something years, the same anger and rage and anger at the changes in the country, the same ethic, the same sort of, you know… vulgarity existed.”

Reid specifically named Rush Limbaugh as a purveyor of “anger and rage” proving that she has never listened to Rush Limbaugh.

“Donald Trump recognized better than they did, better than Jeff Flake did, better than John McCain did, that he could simply identify with the text of what people were saying on talk radio or listening to when they heard Rush Limbaugh, the anger and rage they felt all the time, the sense of political correctness, meaning, ‘I can’t say these things because I can’t keep my job and be in polite society.’ Trump said, ‘Yes, you can or I can say them for you.’ So, all Trump did was take a lot of the subtext and anger that was already there. He didn’t invent this. Trump is just making it open and obvious and Republican elites can’t stand it.”

Trying to figure out a way to work race into the conversation right off the bat, Reid began by saying “Wasn’t Arizona one of the last states to recognize the King holiday? So, it’s a certain kind of state,” presumably because Flake represents Arizona.

Remember when Reid even figured out a way to inject race into the shooting at the Congressional baseball practice?

Continuing with the theme that Republican’s are just racist, Reid added this nonsensical gibberish:

“The elites of the Republican Party thinks that the base agrees with them on eviscerating Medicaid, for instance. Donald Trump understands that the base of the party is fine with big government. They don’t like that certain people are getting it.”

Get it? The Republicans are actually huge supporters of an all powerful central government, they just hate black people, according to Reid.

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