Judge Jeanine Defends Roy Moore Over Alleged Relations With Minors: ‘It’s 40 Years Later’


To vindicate of Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore — who is being accused of pursing physical relationships with numerous teenage women earlier in his life– Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro invoked the it-was-a-long-time-ago defense.

While Pirro did not outright accuse the Washington Post report of being false, she did defend Moore in a number of roundabout ways. “Right now, it’s 40 years later. I doubt there could be a charge filed here. The guy has been investigated a million times, Roy Moore, apparently more than any other candidate in Alabama. Is the Republican Party destroying itself or didn’t they do enough vetting of this guy Moore?” Said Pirro.

Despite the Alabama GOP candidate already admitting to dating “lots of young ladies,” Pirro’s guest David Bossie — a Fox News contributor and former Donald Trump deputy campaign manager — attacked the character of one of the women who came forward to accuse Moore of pursuing a relationship with her while she was a teenager and he was in his 30s. “It’s a remarkable thing that one of the accusers is a Hillary Clinton supporter and volunteer… It’s a very interesting thing that she seems to be Democrat activists, a leftist activist in Alabama,” claimed Bossie.

Pirro — who spent less than three minutes discussing this issue and nearly 15 minutes talking about “leftist violence” — ultimately admitted “the whole thing is ugly,” but concluded her thoughts on the allegations by again defending Moore by saying, “Let’s hope none of it is true.”

In his first interview since the bombshell’s release, Moore defended himself by telling Sean Hannity, “These allegations are completely false and misleading.”

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