Julian Castro Defends Controversial Attack on Biden: ‘I Wasn’t Taking A Shot at His Age’


Democratic hopeful Julian Castro clarified his intentions behind a controversial moment during Thursday Night’s Democratic debate. During a piqued debate over healthcare coverage, Castro erroneously called out Joe Biden in a manner that seemed to cross over from aggressive to mean-spirited.

Castro challenged the former vice president in a rather unappealing way that seemed to be a dog whistle on Biden’s age accusing the frontrunner of contradicting himself on health care, asking, “are you forgetting what you said two minutes ago?!”

This not only drew audible gasps from a surprised audience but also led fellow candidates to immediately call out the unnecessarily divisive nature of Castro’s call out.

In a post-debate interview with ABC News Chief National Affairs Correspondent Tom Llamas, Castro made clear that he was intention was not to take a shot at Biden’s age, saying “No, we were having a debate about health care policy.”

“I wasn’t taking a shot at his age, I was taking a shot at the fact that he had just said the words “Buy-in.” You would have to buy in,” Castro said.

“It’s not an attack on Vice President Biden. It’s not something about personality. It’s about the health care policy. That was my focus,” he added.

Castro’s comments have been widely panned as a “low blow” and while it did earn the former House and Urban Planning Secretary under the Obama administration a great deal of attention, it is not clear that this is the sort of attention he would want.

Watch above via ABC.

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