Karl Rove: If Campaigns Have Issues With the Voting, They Should ‘Come Forward With the Evidence’


GOP political strategist Karl Rove declared on Fox News Friday evening that both of the presidential campaigns should come forward with evidence of voter fraud if they claim such occurred during voting, appearing to reference Trump’s baseless claims on widespread voter fraud.

“Karl, when you look at this, and everyone watching Arizona, Nevada, Pennsylvania, where do you think we are at this point?” Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum asked Rove.

Rove fired back, urging patience and due time for all votes to be counted.

“We are close to the end, and if we would all just sort of take a breath and step back for a minute,” Rove began. “By Monday or Tuesday, all of this will be — all the ballots will have been counted. And there will be a chance for each of the campaigns to either seek a recount or to go after some elements of the ballots that had been counted and particularly those that have been segregated in Pennsylvania and have their say in court,” he stated.

The GOP strategist then stated the Trump campaign should “come forward with the evidence.”

“But this is a moment where each campaign if they have issues, need to come forward with the evidence and file the suits, let it be adjudicated, file the complaints, and let complaints be examined, we have procedures in place in each of these states,” Rove continued.

Rove concluded by saying it would be in the country’s best interest for Joe Biden not to make remarks on Friday night declaring victory over Trump.

Watch above, via Fox News.

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