Karl Rove: The Republican Party Is ‘Broken… In the Midst of a Civil War’


Karl Rove warned Sunday that the Republican party is “in the midst of a civil war” right now.

On Fox News Sunday, Chris Wallace brought up a recent poll finding Trump only has an approval rating of 29 percent. Among Republicans in particular it found his approval rating is now at 60 percent.

“How toxic is Donald Trump now in American politics?” Wallace asked.

“Those numbers are not the way you want to leave the presidency,” Kristen Soltis Anderson said. She noted it’s a serious open question of how much Trump will be considered a Republican leader in the next few years.

Meanwhile, she added, there are still plenty of people who like and support Trump.

Wallace turned to Rove and asked where the GOP goes from here.

Rove bluntly said the GOP is “broken,” “fractured,” and “in the midst of a civil war”:

“It’s going to be an ugly several years… before the Republican party can put itself back together. It needs to rebuild, it needs find a way to take the traditional Republican coalition and bring in and keep as much of the Trump voters, the ordinary voters who cared about him taking on the establishment and taking on the elites on the east and west coast. But the Republican party — let’s not kid ourselves, it is the midst of the civil war.”

He cited Donald Trump Jr.’s attacks on any Republican who criticizes his father and threats to primary such Republicans.

You can watch above, via Fox News Sunday.

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