Katy Tur Grills Gloria Allred Over Accuser’s Claim: ‘That Doesn’t Really Make Sense’


Yesterday, high-profile attorney Gloria Allred responded to Roy Moore’s legal team questioning the authenticity of her client Beverly Nelson‘s yearbook — which Moore allegedly signed decades ago. Moore’s team is calling on the book to be reviewed to verify the signature. (Nelson has accused Moore of attempting to rape her when she was 16.) Allred called on Moore to testify under oath before the Senate, while also not “denying” or “admitting” that the signature was a forgery.

In an appearance on MSNBC this afternoon, Allred found herself struggling to explain to host Katy Tur why she won’t subject the yearbook to an independent analysis, and her insistence that Moore appears before Congress. Right off the bat, Allred refused to answer Tur when the MSNBC host asked how they were able to authenticate it was Moore’s signature.

“Well, we’re not going comment on that,” Allred said. “Except to say that we have offered to have an independent expert examine the yearbook and that signature and the remainder of his writing in addition to his signature, in the event that the Senate Select Committee on Ethics or the Senate Judiciary Committee, Katy, agrees to have the hearing we requested.”

Tur wondered aloud what jurisdiction those committees have considering that Moore’s “not a senator now.” Allred responded that even though Moore isn’t and may never be a member of the Senate, she did speak to a former senator who told her that there could be a Senate hearing on this.

The two went back and forth a bit over whether or not Nelson saw Moore sign the book, as well as the recent revelation that Moore was the judge involved in Nelson’s 1999 divorce case. Allred pointed out that there was no hearing in the divorce so Nelson never actually saw Moore in person at that time.

“If independent analysis shows that is not his signature, does that disprove your client’s allegations?” Tur pressed Allred again on Moore’s signature.

The attorney said that “it doesn’t,” adding that it’s a “hypothetical” and she has “no reason to believe what happened.” She again said she’d be more than happy to present it to an independent examiner as part of a hearing.

“Why would you not do it outside of a — outside of a Senate committee?” Tur shot back. “Why would you just not hand it over to an independent operator who can have that examined? Why does it have to go before the Senate? That doesn’t really make sense to me.”

“Well, it does make sense to me,” Allred responded. “That all evidence that supports or disputes her claims be presented to a Senate hearing where the parties testify under oath.”

Tur went on to say that Allred’s position seemed to create a “bit of a standoff,” leading Allred to reply that while it may feel like that, ultimately Moore should accept the challenge.

Watch the clip above, via MSNBC.

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