Kellyanne Conway Falsely Boasts She Didn’t Blame Media After Steve Scalise Shooting


As her husband continues to question Donald Trump‘s mental well-being, Kellyanne Conway defended the president on Monday with a self-contradicting argument about the Christchurch shooting.

Conway was on Fox & Friends when she was asked about critics who’ve connected Trump to the massacre since the alleged shooter described him as “a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose.” Conway sneered at the “predictable and outrageous” criticisms, and she asked for people to read the shooter’s manifesto in its entirety after insisting that Trump roundly condemns bigotry.

From there, Conway drew a connection between Christchurch and the 2017 congressional baseball shooting.

“Reflecting on the first year of the time of our time in the White House here at end of 2017 was asked what was worst day there…The worst day, bar none, was the day Steve Scalise almost lost his life on the ballfield in Arlington, Virginia. Thank god he didn’t. We didn’t run around saying ‘Gee, the guy watches MSNBC or he is Bernie [Sanders] supporter.’ Nobody should do that. Nobody should blame folks other than the evil, hateful shooter.”

Her insistence is that she did not irresponsibly blame media or political figures as motivation for the shooting of Rep. Scalise. For the record, several conservatives seized the opportunity to punch left when it was revealed that the Alexandria shooter was a Sanders supporter, most notably, Kellyanne Conway:

Watch above, via Fox News.

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