Kellyanne Conway Thanks ‘Crazy Liberals’ for Energizing Republicans Before Midterms


On Thursday, Kellyanne Conway sat down with Laura Ingraham to discuss the status of the Brett Kavanaugh nomination.

First, she bashed Sen. Richard Blumenthal. Then, she thanked “crazy liberals” for energizing the GOP base ahead of the midterms.

Ingraham started the ball rolling by playing a clip of Blumenthal claiming the blame for the FBI probe lies with the White House who “straight-jacketed” the investigation.

Ingraham then pointed out that protesters were saying the same thing.

“That is what the left and the protesters today were saying,” she said.

“Well, he is lying and of course he has a history of not being able to tell the truth,” Conway replied, referring to Blumenthal. “He lied about his service in Vietnam. He didn’t serve in Vietnam he served during Vietnam. And that is not the difference of just a word…He should definitely stop lying about the FBI and this investigation and with the White House did or didn’t do.”

Then after noting that some Senators on the fence who have come forward saying it was a thorough investigation, Conway stressed the point is “there is no nominee that President Trump is going to put forward that’s gonna satisfy liberal Dick Blumenthal. There’s no nominee that Code Pink would ever like… Speaking of the midterms, I want to thank all these crazy liberals because they have done something that wasn’t able to do, they have energized disparate Republicans from the ideological spectrum”

Watch above, via Fox News

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