Khashoggi’s Editor Karen Attiah Slams Warmth Shown to MBS at G20: ‘Bros Before Murdered Journos’


The Washington Post global opinions editor Karen Attiah appeared with on CNN with Brooke Baldwin Thursday to discuss the murder of her colleague Jamal Khashoggi, whom she recruited to the paper. Attiah slammed President Donald Trump and his administration for their response to killing and their reaction to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, as well as the warm reception he received from some at the G20.

Baldwin first asked Attiah for her reaction to members of congress rebuking the President for his response, and whether she felt the measure was “substantive.”

“I mean, you know, it’s a good thing to have this on record, it’s a good thing, you know, for the White House and for Saudi Arabia to know that a bipartisan group of lawmakers has officially said we believe this came from the highest levels of the Saudi government, that Mohammed bin Salman is personally to blame,” said Attiah. “It is good that they’ve listed what amounts to horrendous acts from the murder of Jamal to Yemen, to kidnapping Prime Ministers, all that is good.”

“My first reaction is: great, we’re saying these things, what are we going to do about it?” Attiah continued, and said the question is whether there will be consequences.

When it comes to the administration she noted Mike Pompeo was previously director of the CIA. He is throwing “the work of his former agency under the bus” by his and the President’s questioning of whether our intel is correct about the Prince,

Baldwin brought up the G20 summit, and showed clips of Russian President Vladimir Putin slapping five with Mohammad bin Salman and other leaders smiling and greeting him and his entourage. “When you saw this,” she asked, “what did you make of it?”

“It just sends a message of, look, bros before murdered journos,” said Attiah, noting she had tweeted that message because “sometimes I try to laugh to keep from crying”.

“The idea that that was the only image of warmth that came for Mohammad bin Salman after the G20, it puts him squarely in the club of global thugs, to be honest,” she said. “At the end of the day, it’s chilling. It’s chilling. These are regimes that get away with trying to silence journalists with brutality, and it’s a chilling message that all of a sudden they’re happy to be in the club with one another.”

She pointed out that Khashoggi had made the comparison between the two men last year.

“He wrote last year that Mohammed bin Salman actually in fact is acting like Putin. He compared him to Putin at the same time last year. So to see this play out is chilling for me on so many levels,” she said.

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